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We strive to ensure your home gets the up most quality care & cleaning. A dedicated assurance team is on hand to provide regular visual inspection to maintain quality standard and to seek for continuous improvements.

Carpet & Upholstery

At Adelaide Outstanding Cleaning, our specialties include carpet and upholstery cleaning. From stained and generally dirty carpets, to rugs, couches and vinyl flooring, we have your cleaning requirements covered.

Our team is fully trained and certified to deliver the latest cleaning techniques with state of the art cleaning equipment to get results.

Our carpet and upholstery services include:

Drying Time 2-3 Hours

1. Fiber Identification As a professional carpet technician, we need a better understanding of the fibre so that we can adjust our cleaning methods and chemicals used
2. Pre-Inspection The technician will look for advanced stains, wear and tear, and high traffic areas. Any concerns will be discussed with the client before commencing with the cleaning
3. Dry Vacuum Removal of dry particles is an important step in the cleaning process and is best achieved with an upright power head vacuum
4. Pre-Spray Spots and minor stains will be pre-treated followed by a water-based carpet pre-spray
5. Agitation Agitation is done with a rotary shampoo machine. This aids in the distribution and penetration of the chemicals into the soil
6. Grooming During the cleaning of carpets, they could be subject to pile shading. This will be removed by grooming and will also assist in the drying process
7. Post Inspection Ensure that there is ample ventilation and our technician will answer any further questions the client may have

From $35 per room (Average room size of 14sqm)

*Minimum charge for any job is $105

Drying Time 6-8 Hours

1. Hazard Identification Every clean is site specific and the health and safety of our clients is paramount
2. Fibre ID There are natural and synthetic fibres present. As professional carpet technicians, we need a better understanding of the fibre so that we can adjust our cleaning methods and chemicals used. This is especially important in this method of cleaning
3. Pre-Inspection Spots and minor stains will be pre-treated followed by a water based carpet pre-spray
4. Dry Vacuum Removal of dry particles is an important step in the cleaning process and is best achieved with an upright power head vacuum
5. Pre-Spray Carpet is pre-sprayed with biodegradable cleaning solution
6. Agitation Agitation is done with a rotary shampoo machine. This aids in the distribution and penetration of the chemicals into the soil
7. Hot Water Extraction Hot water is injected under pressure and simultaneously wet vacuumed to remove soil and excess moisture
8. Grooming During the cleaning of carpets, they could be subject to pile shading, this will be removed by grooming and will also assist in the drying process
9. Post Inspection Ensure that there is ample ventilation and our technician will answer any further questions the client may have

From $40 per room (Average room size of 14sqm)

*Minimum charge for any job is $105

Rugs Are Very Different To Carpets And Are Often Made With Natural Or Synthetic Fibres. This Can Lead To Colour Run Problems Therefore We Always Test Them Thoroughly First.

1. Pre-Inspection We examine each rug, looking for signs of fading, discolouration, stains, pre-existing damage, colour instability and odours. We then select the suitable cleaning process
2. Vacuum both sides This will remove dust and small particles lying deep within the rug
3. Dissolving and extracting ground-in soil (low moisture or hot water extraction)
4. Restorative grooming with special grooming tool
5. Pre-Treatment Spots and stains will be discussed with the customer first and pre-treated using advanced spotting techniques
6. Pre-Spray Concentrating on sites of heavy traffic and soiling. Note: discolouration caused by wear, fading, or chemical reaction is not reversible
7. Final Inspection We will conduct a thorough inspection of your rug.

From $8 per sqm

*Minimum charge for any job is $105

Before we clean leather suites and sofas, it is very important to know which type of leather finish you have so that the technician can select the right cleaning method. Some leathers are pigmented meaning most dirt will sit on the surface, others are semi absorbent, and some such as Nubuck and Suede are very absorbent. How to clean them is very important as using the wrong method for the type of leather can have negative results.

There are many leather finishes, all have their own cleaning requirements in which our experienced technician will know, including: pigmented leather, aniline/semi aniline, suede/nubuck.

It is also important to condition and protect leather so it lasts longer and resists spills and stains. If however it is treated with a protector, this will allow you time to clean the spill before it soaks in. Different leather protectors are available for pigmented leather.

Like carpets and upholstery, leather needs to be maintained. Our technicians can recommend a maintenance regime which will make your suite last years longer and enhance appearance.

Frequent maintenance of your upholstery can keep it looking as good as new. Deep down fabric restoration can effectively and economically extend the life of your upholstery by removing contaminants such as, household dust, dust mites and body oils.

We specialise in restoring the beauty, vitality and original freshness of all your upholstered furniture. We adhere to safe and effective cleaning methods when it comes to upholstery that is valuable in any home. Our technicians are fully trained and qualified and will remove those spots and stains.

We make special consideration for each individual piece of furniture to determine the most effective treatment.

Our professional upholstery cleaning will extend the life of your furniture, saving you money in the long run. Remove household dust mites and body oils, remove unpleasant odours. Rejuvenate your upholstery and remove stains.

We clean all types of upholstered furniture: arm chairs, dining chairs, leather furniture, recliners, sofas and couches.

Treatments include: disinfecting treatment, pet odour treatment, sanitising and deodorising, spots and stain removal and steam / low moisture clean.

It is unfortunate when carpets and furniture are stained, whether a glass of wine is knocked over or food dropped. Our team are experienced and trained in the toughest stain removal techniques.

Various forms of stains include: Surface, absorbent, compound, dye and destructive.

It is important to note that not all stains can be successfully removed.
Should a stain not be removed using our methods or chemicals, the stain would be deemed permanent.

Factors that can affect stain removal include: age, construction, fibre type and type of stain.

Advanced stain or spot removal can be time consuming, therefore additional charges may apply.

Floor Care & Flood Restoration

The Adelaide Outstanding Cleaning team specialises in a range of floor care and restoration services.

Our floor care/restoration services include:

With over a decade of experience in the state of the art tile and grout cleaning, Adelaide Outstanding Cleaning is well positioned to provide the best cleaning service. We are local, and our iconic cleaning van is a familiar sight in neighbourhoods throughout Adelaide.

Type of tile
Condition of Tiles
Measurement of area to be cleaned to provide accurate quote.

Vacuum/sweep areas to be cleaned
This will ensure that there are no small stones or debris that may scratch the tiles

Special formulated tile and grout cleaner is applied with a pump-up spray
Dilution ratio will be applied to achieve maximum result

This is done with a Tile and grout tool
Rotary scrubber/ industrial steamer.

The Hydro Force SX-12 rids dirt and soil from grout and tile as well as smooth & rough hard surfaces. The circular arm spins to generate incredible dirt blasting power working from seven hundred to two thousand psi hot water while the intense vacuum vacs up all the dirty water. This method will ensure that the grout stays cleaner for longer.

Vinyl floor will get to a point where it begins to look old and dirty. At this stage, many people feel the need to replace the vinyl floor. Instead of paying for a costly replacement a professional clean and strip and seal will restore your vinyl floor to its original state.

Not only are our strip and seal jobs done professionally , safety of our customers is paramount and therefore we are happy to work out of hours as and we do not want to disrupt any aspect of the customers working day.

So if you would like to enhance the appearance of your vinyl floor commercial or domestic let Adelaide OC bring back the shine.

Whether it is domestic or commercial flooring, dirt, oil, and grime build up over time and isn’t completely removed by just mopping. Consider an occasional deep clean and the principal reasons are:

• To prevent injuries due to tripping or slipping.
• To beautify the floor.
• To remove stains, dirt, litter and obstructions.
• To remove grit and sand, which scratch and wear down surfaces.
• To remove allergens, particularly dust.
• To prevent wear to the surface (e.g. by using protective sealant)
• To make the environment sanitary (e.g. in kitchens)

Adelaide OC can offer a professional pressure cleaning service providing high quality power washing for residential and commercial customers in the Adelaide area. Our prices are affordable and we have extensive experience in home and business maintenance including: pressure washing exteriors, pressure washing sidewalks, parking lots and concrete, as well as gutter cleaning.

Pressure Washing Is Important Protective Maintenance For Your Home & Business

Pressure Washing is an important part of regular exterior property maintenance. It will help to keep all the surfaces of your home or business looking great as well as protecting your investment.

We take pride in offering complete exterior property cleaning including:

• Residential and commercial pressure washing services
• Gutter cleaning services
• Low pressure roof washing
• Concrete cleaning and pressure washing
• Deck and patio cleaning
• Sign cleaning
• Exterior house washing
• Driveway cleaning
• Business entrance cleaning
• Excellent customer service
• Affordable pricing

Flooding or water damage can happen at any time, and when you least expect it.

Causes can range from natural floods to faulty plumping or equipment.

Not only can this be very stressful for any home or business owner, it could be very costly if not dealt with by a qualified, trained and insured company.

General Principles

The general principles of water damage restoration include, but are not limited to:

• Health and safety of all occupants and workers.
• Documentation and inspection of the property.
• Alleviate further damage.
• Dry and clean affected areas effectively to prevent mould.
• Complete the restoration and repairs.

Hazards Of Mould
Your home is normally dry and therefore mould-free. After a flood, this immediately changes and mould spores are more prevalent, thriving off the available moisture.

Why talk to Adelaide Outstanding Cleaning? Due to the infection risks associated with mould, especially for anyone with a suppressed immune system or respiratory issues, it is vital that the property undergoes full water damage and flood restoration by a fully qualified, trained and insured company.

General Cleaning

Our team can assist your home and/or business with all your cleaning requirements. From carpets and flooring, to windows, bathrooms and everything in-between.

Whether it is residential or commercial cleaning, our experience will deliver results that you can be proud of.

Our general cleaning services include:

When it comes to commercial cleaning Adelaide OC is dedicated to assisting their clients to create a clean environment for employees and visitors alike.

Adelaide OC focuses on maintaining the highest levels of cleanliness to ensure that our clients are able to concentrate on their business from day to day on commercial sites. Our skilled cleaning operatives carry out their work with minimum disruption to make sure that every working environment can function as it needs to. Our service is invisible but our results are tangible with a menu of services ranging from Window cleaning, floor care or carpet cleaning that can be adjusted to suit you.

We are happy to work with the customer’s needs at whatever frequency they desire. We can do a site visit to be able to answer any questions or concerns the customers may have. We then provide a specified quotation along with a risk assessment.

We can offer cleaning packages to suit a variety of business including:

• Offices and shops
• Retail outlets
• Factories and Warehouses
• Child care centres
• Medical practices
• Shopping centres
• Public facilities

Our team understands the criteria set out by the realtors and we are on the preferred cleaning list of most for a reason. Adelaide Outstanding cleaning offers a full detailed exit clean which includes:

• Windows (inside and outside)
• Kitchen (including ovens)
• Bathrooms
• Laundry
• Carpets
• Cupboards
• Ceiling fans
• Range hood
• Doors and door frames
• Window frames
• Skirting boards
• Showers and shower screens
• Vents
• Power points
• Floors

Why Clean Your Windows?

The obvious reasons for cleaning windows are:
• Professional business image for commercial building and residential properties
• Better view
• Better heat efficiency

Glass will, over time, become soiled with a variety of contaminants if regular window cleaning is not occurring. These soils will greatly detract from the windows appearance and the property’s overall ‘look of cleanliness’. Soils and dust Contaminants and pollutants found in rain Mineral deposits (hard water deposits) from hoses and sprinkler systems Salt spray – if close to ocean Leaching of minerals from window frames and building surfaces Of the above soils hard water minerals pose the biggest threat to damaging glass windows. Overspray from garden hoses and sprinklers can lead to build-up of hard water mineral deposits, which can in turn damage the glass surface. The need for basic glass restoration can usually be avoided with regular cleaning of exterior window glass (minimum of twice yearly)

We are experienced in window cleaning and pride ourselves on providing exceptional standards of cleanliness throughout Adelaide.

We offer a bespoke and professional Commercial Window Cleaning service.

As a commercial cleaning company, we understand that first impressions do count, and presenting pristine and fully maintained windows is part of this.

Adelaide Outstanding Cleaning, we are dedicated to providing unrivaled results and will not leave until the client is happy with the finished product.

Are you after a one-off clean by a professional cleaning service? Might be that you do not have time to just what your home requires before guests visit. Perhaps before or after a lease is about to commence or end. Frequency and the kind of tasks that need to be done around the home are entirely up to you. One-off cleaning is perfect for freshening up your home, or making sure that tenants move into a clean rental property.

Thinking about a one off cleaning service take time to consider the following:

• Are they using environmentally safe products?
• Enquire if the company is insured to work in your home
• Get feedback/reviews from other customers before you hire a cleaning service
• Are they police cleared?
• Are they accredited or have the necessary training?


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