Dry clean 2-4 hours

Steam clean 6-8 hours

The most common question customers ask when having their carpets cleaned is “Should I steam clean or dry clean (low moisture)?”

Carpet cleaning has always been seasonal or weather dependant.

It does make sense to have carpet cleaned in summer months however with the ever changing chemical formulas carpet cleaning all year round is possible.

It is down to the operator on how well or how soon the carpets will dry. Yes I agree that the type of carpet does make a difference, once again a trained carpet cleaner should know what fibres they are dealing with and what would the best way to clean the carpet. There are a number of machines being used from Scrubbers, Portables or Truck mounts.

Ventilation is one of the main factors and I always tell my customers that the longer one can stay off the carpets the better. This will also prevent soil tracking, prevent slip hazards and promote health and safety of children and pets.

There are of course companies out there that use the word dry in the name as to get your attention or refer to the fact that they do dry cleaning.

Let us be honest. Regardless if you choose dry or steam cleaning, water is used. It is possible that both can turn into a water restoration job if the operator is not equipped or trained.

If the drying time on carpets is real concern I do offer air movers (air movers are very effective and mainly used in water restoration / flood jobs) that is moved from room to room as the clean continues.

Grooming or pile setting is an important final step regardless of the methods of cleaning used.

Not only does it improve the appearance of the carpets it also helps faster drying.