It is human nature that we look for the best deal in town.

You don’t ask you don’t get. Well why should it be different for carpet or upholstery cleaning?

Carpet cleaning or cleaning in general is not regulated and I am sure that the some in the industry that will agree it should be. The problem we are facing day to day is that there are more people that try and make a living out of carpet cleaning but go about it the wrong way. The easiest way to try and win over a customer is price, yes?

I often hear people say I can get it cheaper than that or it is only one (1) room etc….So what are you paying for and how much should you pay? Next time you get a quote please consider the following: A trained carpet technician, such as myself, invested a lot of money in certified training courses (IICRC OR ITI). I am fully insured ($20 million), have a full national police clearance and I invest in ongoing training, and purchasing new and/or improved equipment, plus the chemicals.

Did you know that there are more than 500 carpet cleaners in Adelaide and only 14% have done a training course, or have some form of accreditation?

I can tell you hand on heart that I may not be the cheapest carpet cleaner in Adelaide but I am sure that I am far from the most expensive. One thing that I can guarantee you, is that all my customers get the same level of service, the highest level.

I leave you with this thought…we go to a dentist, we don’t argue price. They do not offer a discount because your teeth are cleaner or your mouth is smaller than the next patient’s. We trust them, they are qualified and so we go to them.

So you have a carpet cleaner turn up at your house, do you trust him or her? Are they qualified?

The answer is simple. You get what you pay for.